Alma TransEpidermal Delivery (TED) Technology


Whether it’s hormones, medication, or stress-related circumstances, hair loss affects men and women of all ages.  The Alma TransEpidermal Delivery (TED) technology™ is a viable solution to treat or in some cases reverse thinning and balding hair. 

More than 50% of men and women in Canada over the age of fifty will experience a hair loss condition. However, 95% of these cases can be treated successfully and, in many cases, reversed.

The American Hair Loss Association estimated that more than 80 million men and women are suffering from hair loss concerns in the US with men spending nearly $4 billion on hair loss prevention and restoration products following a 400% increase in patient demand since 2019.

The Alma TED™ is a cost-effective, Ultrasound-based solution with a propriety Tip engineered with Impact Delivery™ that offers a non-invasive, non-traumatic option to address the market’s growing hair loss concerns.

Common Causes for hair loss the (teD) can treat:

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Androgenetic Alopecia

Alopecia areata

Childbirth, illness, or other stressors

Hair Styles that pull on skull

Scalp Infection

Cancer Treatments


Hair Care

Hormone Imbalance

Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI)

What Causes Thinning Hair?

Men and women suffer hair loss for different reasons. In most men, hair loss appears as a receding hair line or balding on the top of the head. This type of hair loss is called Male Pattern Baldness and is hereditary. Women have it a little better because their hair loss typically doesn’t follow any pattern but will noticeably thin out over time.

What to Expect with Alma TED Treatment:

The treatment cycle for the TED™ technology is a three-month process with one treatment given each month for a total of three treatments. After two weeks, most patients notice less shedding and early signs of growth. One month after treatment, many patients see new hairs starting to grow. After two months, patients report increased hair volume, and after three months, many patients report less scalp showing and their bald spots beginning to fill in.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the treatment is fast, painless, and doesn’t cause any discomfort at all.

The full treatment takes three months with noticeable results after the first month.

No, the treatment is non-invasive.


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