About Elite Solutions

We Design With Your Needs In Mind

From personal myspace sites to big corporate business sites. We have a team ready to work with you. Flash, HTML, LOGO Designs, etc.


Elite Computer Solutions has been around for over 7 Years, with the merg of HostCandy and PyRo-Productions. Pyro Productions was founded back in 2002


Unlike most other website hosting services, We run separate servers for separate services in order to ensure that there is no degradation of service and no single point of failure! Hosting services on different servers also enables us to grow without limits - there is no limit to the number of emails that our architecture can handle. All of our shared web hosting clients are on servers running hardware RAID! Your data is safe and protected against isolated harddrive failures! Even if a drive were to fail, the server would not crash or blink an eye! To the contrary, the server will keep running off the remaining functioning drives while an email is sent to our emergency staff about the failure.

Our Goal

To offer reliable and affordable web hosting, email services, web design, domain registration and many other services. Where quality is our goal and satifaction is guaranteed